Vegan Chinese Food

$ 32.99

Veganise your favourite Chinese dishes at home with Vegan Chinese Food, from the founders of the hugely popular food blog littlericenoodle, Yang Liu and Katharina Pinczolits.

Vegan Chinese Food gives flavourful plant-based alternatives to 86 well-loved and diverse Chinese recipes, including sauces, dumplings, noodles and desserts. The book draws upon Yang's experience of wanting to make the dishes from her childhood vegan-friendly, as well as the long history of vegan cooking in China. The recipes use traditional cooking methods and skills to allow you to make vegan versions of dishes such as Kung Pao king oyster mushroom, Zha jiang mian noodles or Hong Kong milk tea. Katharina's photography accompanies every dish, along with helpful tips on how to master techniques or season a wok, and beautiful reflections on food's connection to memory, place, family and cultural representation.

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