That's So New York

$ 18.95

Charming, poignant, and occasionally salacious, That’s So New York is brimming with little snapshots of humanity that make one thing clear: There’s no place like New York.

New York Times editor and lifelong New Yorker Dan Saltzstein compiles hundreds of distinctly New York moments for this peek at the city that never sleeps. Inspired by Saltzstein’s viral Twitter thread, this illustrated book features hilarious anecdotes from locals and transplants, short essays from folks like Molly Jong-Fast and Michael Ian Black, who have seen it all, and Q&As with everyday New Yorkers from across the five boroughs. Eels wriggling through subway cars, accidentally stumbling onto the set of Law & Order, drag queens emerging from manholes—if there’s one thing New York never runs out of, it’s stories. And rats. Always rats.

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