Rice Is Life

$ 29.95

A love letter to the humble grain featuring 65 recipes for rice and all its glorious possibilities. Rice is so much more than just a pantry staple. It's the foundation  of cuisines across the world, a grain that sustains half the world's  people, and the start of a delicious meal at home. In RICE IS LIFE, rice visionaries and founders of Lotus Foods, Caryl  Levine and Ken Lee, share 65 recipes that showcase the grain in  easy-to-cook meals from around the world. From Arroz Con Pollo to  Hainanese-Inspired Chicken and Rice, to Ramen "Carbonara" and Soba  Noodles with Green Tea Broth and Smoked Salmon, this cookbook captures  the diversity of flavors and helps transform simple, gluten-free pantry  staples into flavorful and nourishing dishes. Along the way, it offers essays on rice culture and sustainable rice  agriculture, showing how rice plays a part in uplifting people across  the globe. With its bright and colorful interior, RICE IS LIFE finds the  joy and freshness in the everyday beauty of rice not just as a pantry  staple, but a staple of life.  

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