Punk Ikebana: Imagining the Art of Floral Design

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 Floral designer Louesa Roebuck shows you how to make  transcendent eco-luxe compositions with seasonal flora foraged from the  West Coast  

"The  way of the flowers” has been studied for centuries, but as acclaimed  author, artist, and floral designer Louesa Roebuck demonstrates, one  needs to understand the rules in order to bend them. In Punk Ikebana,  Louesa composes stunning arrangements and installations that unite the  cultural traditions and elegance of Japanese perspective with  exhilarating freedom from convention. Working with seasonally foraged,  gleaned, and sourced flora from various regions of California, Louesa  reveals how cinematic floral sculptures can be created by embracing the  abundance right outside your door. Inviting nature’s often-overlooked  treasures into your space means improvising in a moment of time, in a  particular place. Exuberant compositions are created with what is on  hand, establishing a harmonious dialogue with the flora, space, color,  vessels, and textiles readily available. Aligning her deep commitment to  the environment with her love of foraging, gleaning, and sourcing  regionally, Louesa inspires you to cultivate your own vision and invite  the wonders of the natural world into your home.      

About the author

Louesa Roebuck, author of the critically acclaimed Foraged Flora,  is a multimedia and multigenre creative, floral artist, printmaker,  painter, textile designer, and curator. She has collaborated and created  flora installations using only local and seasonal foraged and gleaned  materials for clients such as Vivienne Westwood, John Baldessari, Todd  Selby, Carolyn Murphy, GOOP, Nickey Kehoe, Blackman Cruz, Michelle  Obama, Michael Pollan, and Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. Her work has  been featured in numerous national and international magazines and  media, including but not limited to Wired, Vogue, New York Times, Nowness, Cabana Magazine, C magazine, Remodelista, Sunset, and Martha Stewart Living. She lives in Ojai, California, in Chumash Territory. Ian Hughes  is a British-born photographer, art director, and craftsman. His work  has been exhibited at the National Gallery, London, and published as  book cover and album artwork. He lives in Matilija Canyon, California. Obi Kaufmann is an American naturalist, writer, and illustrator. He is the author of The California Field Atlas, an illustrated guide to the state's ecology and geography, which was on the San Francisco Chronicle’s bestseller list and won the gold medal at the California Book Awards and the NCIBA Book of the Year award.  

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