Harper Collins

Pretend You're in Tokyo: 50 Ways To Feel Japanese Wherever You Are

$ 16.99

The ultimate armchair travel guide to recreating an authentic Japanese experience at home. 

Tokyo is one of the most vibrant and fascinating cities in the  world; a place where traditional gardens and temples are set against  neon jungles and looming skyscrapers. One visit to this electric,  eclectic metropolis is sure to leave a lasting impression, but how to  bring that Tokyo magic back home when the vacation is over?

Self-confessed shinnichi (Japanophile) Michelle Mackintosh reveals her favourite fifty quick, easy and kawaii activities to help recreate authentic sights, sounds and smells of Tokyo that won't  get 'lost in translation'. Why not set up your own cat cafe, whisk up  the perfect cup of matcha, delve into the J-POP archives or even learn  how to recognise written Japanese? This is the ultimate inspirational guidebook for anyone wishing they were somewhere else.

Whether you're a seasoned traveller or dreaming of your first trip to Japan, now you can Pretend You're in Tokyo every day of the week. 

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