Nobody Really Has Their Sh*t Together: Doodles To Make You Feel Kind Of Better

$ 19.99

In Nobody Really Has Their Sh*t Together, illustrator star Luke John Matthew Arnold shares his no-bullshit, somewhat inspirational and very hilarious doodles. This bold little book is a beautiful gift for yourself or anyone you love, to bring a smile in tough moments.

For most of us, every day comes with a new set of ‘holy shits’ and ‘what the fucks’. But as a fella who lives with OCD and anxiety while also being an artist, Luke John Matthew Arnold often couldn't afford a shrink. So instead, he started doodling. These cute doodles hugged Luke's eyeballs, kissed his heart and spanked his negative thinking on the big ol’ bum. These doodles have helped him traverse through the deepest of shit puddles and come out the other side – moist and smelly, but okay. And now they're in a book.

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