Sola Cube

Lunaria Annua Sola Cube

$ 45

Derived from the Latin word for moon, "Luna" perfectly captures the enchanting resemblance of its thin disk-shaped fruit to the celestial body. Upon ripening, the fruit sheds its exodermis and seeds, revealing a delicate, silky white endodermis that stands like a radiant moonbeam.

The botanical essence of this plant is ‘Wishing upon the moon’

Crafted with meticulous care, it's encapsulated within a mesmerizing 1.6 x 1.6 inch resin cube, meticulously fashioned by artisans at UNN no Nedoko, nestled in the heart of Kyoto, Japan.

An exquisite treasure, inviting you to marvel at and cherish the enchanting world of botanical marvels.

Please note
• These plants are all sourced from nature. Each one is unique and varies in sizes, colors and shapes.
• Each sola cube is carefully hand crafted. During the process, fine air bubbles or powder like materials may occur inside the cube, they are not considered a defect.
• Please avoid the direct sunlight or extremely humid atmosphere. They may cause discoloration or small cracks.

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