Just Enough Design

$ 16.95

A Japanese designer offers a compelling alternative way to engage with  our possessions, our history, our environment, and each other.

The Japanese phrase "hodo-hodo" originates in ancient times. When contemporary designer Taku Satoh applies it to his work, it means "just enough." Hodo-hodo  design deliberately holds back, leaving room for individuals to engage  with objects according to their unique sensibilities. In the midst of a  consumerist age, Satoh has built an illustrious design career around  this philosophy, creating iconic work in fashion, food, and  architecture. His ideas speak not just to professional designers, but to  anyone who wishes to move more thoughtfully through the world. Within  this slim but powerful volume, Satoh explains his philosophy through  tangible examples—from the aesthetic of a timeworn ramen shop to a  rooftop playground inspired by onomatopoeia. Urging readers to  appreciate everyday objects and spaces and to question the lure of  convenience, he delivers a message rooted in the past yet perfectly  suited to our times.  

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