Audrey Doll - Rose Garden

$ 34

Meet Alimrose Audrey Doll, a lovable friend that will capture the  hearts of children everywhere. With her cute embroidered face and fabric  hair styled in adorable side buns, Audrey is a delight to behold. Let's  explore the exceptional features that make Audrey a perfect companion:  

  • Cute Embroidered Face: Audrey's sweet embroidered face adds a touch  of charm, bringing this doll to life and captivating young imaginations.
  • Fabric Hair in Side Buns: Audrey's fabric hair styled in cute side  buns adds an extra dose of cuteness and encourages imaginative  hairstyling and creative play.
  • Safe for Under 3yr Olds: Designed with safety in mind, Audrey is  suitable for children under 3 years old, ensuring worry-free playtime  and companionship.
  • Cotton Dress and Shoes: Audrey is dressed in a soft cotton dress and  comes with matching shoes, adding a touch of fashion and allowing for  dress-up fun and endless storytelling possibilities.

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