Patch NYC is a Boston based studio founded by Don Carney and John Ross. When I first met them, I was drawn into their world by their quirky, unconventional style. Cartoon like animal handbags, wooden bead doll pendants and pipe cleaner stick figurines are some of my earliest memories of their charming designs. 

As they evolved their style over the years, I have follwed them, as friend and fan, as they have become internationally known and have collaborated with some of the most interesting designers and largest retailers. You may have seen their collections at  Anthropolgie, West Elm, Target and other prominent retailers. 

They have a strong connection to both New York City (where they originated) and Paris, where they have shown their work for many years and have collaborated with names such as Nathalie Lete' and Astier de Villete, as well as other international companies.

Their vast array of talent and materials include regular releases of Don's much sought after ink drawings, which are represented by the incense burners and matches that Homage offers; very limited quantities of needlepoint representations of their art, done by Don's mother; eclectic handmade statement jewelry with materials curated by Jon; textile designs on pillows and wallpaper . . . the collection goes on and on and is always unique and alluring. 

I encourage you to visit their website to learn about their world.If you are in Boston, visit their studio and gallery on the South End. Tell them we sent  you!

Visit the World of Patch NYC

PAtch NYC shop South End Boston

The shop and gallery in the South End neighborhood of Boston

Carmela Carney needlepoint lips and cherry

Needlepoint by Carmela Carney, Don's mother!

Charme Necklaces, Tokens, Good Luck Cluster

Cluster Necklaces

Chronicle Note Cards

Note Card Set 

Monoprix, Paris, Advertisement

Advertisement in Paris for Patch NYC collaboration with Monoprix, a modern urban convenience store

Samantha Old Pasadena Puppy

Last, but not least, Samantha with the Puppy Purse that led me to Patch NYC!