Great to meet you. I'm Lena. 
A few years ago, I was looking for easy ways to be more sustainable in my everyday life. So as a lover of all things beauty, the easiest place to start was in the bathroom. When I started looking for eco-friendly replacements that were ethically and responsibly made, I couldn't find any.
So I decided to create it myself.
Clean Circle provides the highest quality of bamboo reusable products that eliminate single-use cotton rounds and makeup wipes for years to come. We work exclusively with textile mills that care about people + our planet.
We are on a mission to make Sustainable easy in your everyday beauty routine.
✔️ Fair Worker Wages
✔️ Sustainable
✔️ Human Rights in the workplace
✔️ Certified clean fabrics

Our Impact

Everything we make have an impact on our planet. And we want to do right by you and our planet.

We consciously chose bamboo fabrics because bamboo requires no pesticide, less water, and grows quickly. Bamboo is considered a renewable resource.

Our package is made of 100% cardboard and printed with Flexo-water based ink made from renewable resources. 

A portion of your shipping cost is used to offset the carbon emission through supporting projects that protect deforestation.  

Statement of noissue ecofriendly alliance packaging that is green with two leaves

We take pride in our eco-friendly shipping - eliminating plastic tape- with water-activated paper tape. Our shipping packages are 100% recyclable. 

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