A Valentine's Day Event at HoMAGE
Now through February 14th
The legend of Love Locks dates back to World War I in a town in Serbia. A young couple, in love, were separated by the war and their love was broken. Some say he was killed in battle, others say he married another. Heartbroken, the woman attached a padlock to a bridge and threw the key in the river so it could never be removed, thus symbolizing their unbroken love. 
In the early 2000's, thousands of locks started appearing on bridges all over Europe, most notably in Paris on the Pont des Arts bridge. So many locks were attached that damage to the bridges, as well as the weight, forced the removal of huge portions of the bridges in 2015. 
Our Valentine's Day window is an homage to the legend of Love Locks. We invite you to dedicate a lock and hang it on one of our Love Lock chains. You can bring your own, or, with any purchase, we will provide one, while supplies last. Mark it with a name, initials or symbol if you desire. We will also provide you with a Dedication Card and post it as part of the display. 
Help us fill our window with LOVE