Snail World 2: Welcome To Slimetown

$ 39

In Slimetown, life is, well, slow. Locals gossip at the Snail Salon, browse the lettuce section at Goth Mart, and rent scary movies at The Tape Worm. It’s just your average small (very small) town with technicolor sunsets and folks who are mostly content to stay in their shells. Or is it? Lately there have been whispers of strange goings on—a missing prom queen, a mysterious abyss, lights in the night sky …

In this 160-page, supersized sequel to their cult favorite coffee table book Snail World, artists Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland meticulously craft miniature scenes and bring them to life with real snails. Look closely at these mesmerizing photos, and you might find that beneath its ordinary surface, there’s more to Slimetown—if you’re willing to follow the trail of slime.

By Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland. Hardcover with debossed image and spot gloss on cover. 160 pages, full-color interior. Published by Broccoli. Measures 7” x 9 ¼”.

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