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I begin this New Year with a grateful heart and a mind filled with dreams and wonder. How is it that I have come so far from where I began? Some like to say that their hard work and dedication has carried them on the road to success, and although that is true in many aspects, my success has not fallen solely on those personal attributes. I know in my heart that many have contributed to my achievements over the years. Our dedicated employees, our steadfast sales reps, our incredible business advisor and the many friends and family who effortlessly cheer us on, have all fueled us on this prosperous road. They are the ones who fill my heart with deep gratitude.

My Grandfather used to say that successful people tend so surround themselves with other successful people. I see now how that is true and it is not monetary success that I talk about. Success, in my eyes, are those who live fearlessly in the pursuit of their dreams and are able to appreciate their journey while living with an open heart through overcoming their struggles. I am grateful to say that I have many people like this in my life and they will continue to be by biggest source of inspiration as I look ahead into a very bright future.

Courtney Legenhausen


History (image collage) of Lotus Jewelry Studio

Our History

Erik & Courtney Legenhausen opened Lotus Jewelry Studio in 2007. Their vision was to create a line of handmade products that would reflect the latest trends, while upholding the quality that was fostered by their background as fine jewelers. They also had a dream of providing an avenue for other artists to come and earn a living under Lotus’ roof. Over the past 10 years, they turned their basement business into a thriving company that provides their unique pieces to thousands of retailers, both large and small, across the globe. Their wholesale division continues to thrive and expand in new and exciting markets, meeting the needs of cost conscious buyers wanting extraordinary fashion accessories.

Today, the company continues to expand and is fueled by the many artists that construct each of their pieces by hand in their Baltimore, MD based facility. Using ethically sourced stones and materials, the Lotus line is bursting with beautiful color pairings, high quality fabrication and stunning designs that have become that hallmark of LJS. They believe in making their high quality pieces affordable so they can be accessible to all!

History (image collage) of Lotus Jewelry Studio