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Wild Child

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 This evocative cookbook invites kids of all ages to the table for  more mouthwatering innovative outdoor fare put together by the James  Beard Award-nominated author of Wild: Adventure Cooking.

In  her first cookbook, Sarah Glover showed the world how liberating,  satisfying, and easy it is to cook beautiful healthy food outdoors. Now  she brings kids of all ages into the mix, proving that they too can take  part in collecting, preparing, and cooking campfire meals the whole  family can enjoy. Glover's simple yet elegant meals are inspired by the  land and the sea: fish and ears of corn dangled on a stick over an open  flame; perfect bread baked directly on hot coals; kale and potatoes  simmered in saltwater; eggs fried alongside spicy sausage and toast;  chili-brined cherry tomatoes--and more. Glover emphasizes fresh seasonal  food that can be acquired locally. And, while her techniques date back  to ancient traditions, the flavors are distinctly modern. Brimming with  gorgeous landscape photography from across the Australian continent,  this stylish yet down-to-earth cookbook encourages families to embrace  the outdoors, teaches young chefs valuable techniques and life skills,  and proves once again that everything tastes better cooked over an open  flame. 

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