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Triple Moon Necklace - Gold Vermeil

$ 160

Moon energy is invincible. This gold vermeil triple moon moonstone necklace inspires creativity, intuition, and imagination.        

The StoryThe  waxing, full and waning moons of the Triple Moon represent divine  feminine power in all of its aspects - intuition, creativity, wisdom  & mystery. It also symbolizes the three life stages of a woman:        
-  Waxing Crescent Moon (the Maiden): Purity, youth, beginnings,  excitement, enchantment, expansion          
- Full Moon (the Mother): Fulfillment, potency, compassion,  giving, nurturing, protection, power  
- Waning Moon (the Crone): Maturity, wisdom, experience,  understanding, completion, rebirth    

  • 14k yellow gold vermeil (thick 14k yellow gold coating on solid sterling silver)
  • Amulet Dimensions: 17mm x 7.5mm
  • 8mm Genuine Moonstone Cabochon in a Thin Bezel Setting
  • Our natural, untreated, genuine gemstones may have slight color variations as no two stones are exactly the same.
  • Chain Length- 16" - 18"

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