Time For You Sand Time by Carissa Potter

$ 24.95

 See what a difference just five minutes can make when you give yourself the gift of "you time."  This  whimsical timer, with sparkling sand set in a wooden base with metallic  accents, is both an artful desktop display and a gentle reminder to  make time for yourself each day. Designed by Carissa Potter of People I've Loved.


  • Glass 5-minute sand timer
  • Wooden display base
  • 20-page illustrated booklet with ideas for using the timer—rituals,  meditations, and self-care activities such as: Breathe, Meditate, Check  in with your feelings, Listen to the universe, Write a gratitude list,  Take a digital detox, Have a mini dance party, Do whatever you've been  meaning to do for yourself . . .

Timer is 2½ x 4½ inches—the perfect size to fit on a desk or table.
A  smart and distinctive gift for a friend or loved one who could use a  little self-care; also makes a thoughtful birthday or holiday present.                 

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