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The New Stone Age: Ideas and Inspiration for Living with Crystals

$ 32.50

 New Stone Age guides you through fifteen different types of  stones, categorized by color, and teaches you how to stylishly  incorporate them into your wardrobe, home, and beyond. Assigning each  crystal to a particular ailment of the modern age, whether it’s  self-doubt, travel anxiety, or restlessness, Carol Woolton explains how a  simple crystal worn around your neck, tossed in your purse, or sitting  next to your computer can help inspire you to make positive changes in  your life. Woolton traces the history of crystals, showing how the same  quartz that was used as a form of protection in the handles of Egyptian  daggers can also be hung near a bedside to help with burnout.

Filled with insights, facts, and real-life stories from people who attribute dramatic personal improvements to their crystals, The New Stone Age is a fun and informative idea book for crystal lovers everywhere. 

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