Shoshi Watanabe

ShDopp Porcelain Platter

$ 225

The Shdopp Collection is a collaboration between ceramicist Shoshi Watanabe and Michael Dopp, a contemporary artist. Michael's paintings on the Shdopp pieces have the same playful and surreal quality as his ink drawings, which represent only one of the mediums that Michael works with 

The delicate and transparent quality of the porcelain clay allows the black glaze to show through to the other side in a purplish hue, made possible by a special glaze combination applied by Shoshi. This unique feature makes each piece a special one-of-a-kind work of art. 

This platter is particularly beautiful in its' neutrality with just a touch of pink and the surprise brush strokes on the back. 

Approximate size: 11" x 1.5". Food Safe. 

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