Mono Series 3-Dimensional KN95 Respirator Mask

$ 5

KAZE respirators are not classified as surgical. However, they are certified FFP2 and KN95, which means they offer sufficient protection for daily use.As respirators, KAZE go through more rigorous testing than 3-ply surgical masks. But in multiple global lab tests, KAZE respirators have consistently achieved international standards of filtering out particles (PFE) of more than 95% and bacteria (BFE) of more than 99.9%. We are officially certified KN95 and FFP2.

KAZE is actively using recyclable packaging materials.  The paper box and mailing carton that each KAZE comes in can be recyled. This means putting less burden on our Earth.

Complete box of 10 masks (5 of each color) can be special ordered for $48

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