Matte Black Candle Wick Trimmer & Snuffer

$ 18

These are the perfect tools for any candle lovers. Use the trimmer before each use to prevent mushrooming and smoke. (Trim to 1/4")  Use the snuffer to avoid soot on your walls and lengthen the life of your candles. These tools used together make your candles last longer.

Length is roughly 8.3"  Made of solid stainless steel, with a plated surface, corrosion resistant, long service life and durability Simple design, the bell cover can be rotated, so it is easy to  extinguish the fire from any direction A must-have for someone who lights candles! Not only do you need to take  care of your candles for preservation but also for safety! Blowing out candles can be dangerous!

Buy the set and save!

Made in United States of America 

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