For the Love of Paper: Florals

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 Spark your creativity with gorgeous floral-inspired paper in  this stunning installment in the For the Love of Paper series, complete  with cards, gift wrap, tags, a notebook, and more!

 Whether in a lush arrangement or in a field of delicate blossoms,  flowers are universally beloved—especially by artists, crafters, and  other creatives. This exquisite book celebrates those natural wonders in  dozens of floral-themed designs, ranging from vintage botanical  drawings to sophisticated contemporary patterns from artists around the  world. Explore roses, lilies of the valley, a bouquet, and much more.  Every detachable page has something special to delight.

Extras include:
- 4 postcards
- 4 notecards
 - 4 sheets of stickers: 1 sheet of circular stickers, 1 sheet of  die-cut stickers, 1 sheet of rectangular labels, 1 sheet of washi tape
- 2 sheets of gift wrap
- 1 sheet of gift tags
- 1 small notebook
- 1 sheet of perforated bookmarks
- 4 detachable posters measuring 7.5 x 10 inches  
- 1 poster measuring 18 x 24 inches