Conway Electric

8' Exto USB-C Bottle Rocket Red

$ 159

Better, Faster, Stronger, Smarter. Introducing The Surge-Protected Extō  Smart USB Type C® - a better, faster, and easier to use solution for  charging some of your notebooks, mobile devices, and other electronic  accessories. USB C cords have smaller connectors that can be inserted in  any orientation, and they push more power for faster charging. Combined  with our Smart Chip technology, the new Extō Smart USB Type C® charges up to 59% faster than standard USB ports saving hours of waiting time.  

  • The First Smart Chip USB Type C® Extension Cord
  • 3AMP Smart USB Type C® Power Port
  • 2.4AMP Max Standard USB Power Port
  • Dual grounded outlets with 15AMP Max power delivery
  • Type 3 Surge Protective Device for non-lightning surge protection
  • Two 3-prong, Tamper-Resistant 125V outlets are kid-safer
  • 1LB Metal housing is fire-resistant and stays where you place it - no more flip-flopping power strip
  • Urethane feet are no-scratch and prevent slipping on hard surfaces
  • The  8-foot, 15-AMP cord is long enough to reach the center of most rooms and  can be converted to a lamp with a direct-plug bulb socket
  • Built by hand in our Los Angeles factory with some imported components
  • Every part is finished to the highest standard in a 5 step QC process.
  • Non-slip, non-marking polyurethane feet keep the Extō in place
  • Unique serial ID plate tracks manufacturing details for every Extō
  • Cotton covered wire is overbraided in our factory on legacy machines
  • Oversized rubber-covered plug for easier grip
  • Four  underside mounting holes can be used to fix-mount the Extō Smart USB to  almost any surface with self-tapping screws (sold separately)
  • Packaging is corrugate cardboard without plastic: fully recyclable and degradable if thrown away
  • We use powder coating instead of paint to reduce VOC’s
  • Every Extō is repairable or replaceable throughout the life of the product
  • 5-year component warranty
  • Lifetime surge repair (with limited replacement cost)

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