Conway Electric

8' Exto + 4 Bottle Rocket Red

$ 99

It’s hip to be square. Avoid the tippy-canoe tendencies of long narrow lightweight and dangerous power strips with the stability and power of the Extō+4. The square cast-aluminum housing won't slide or tip. It’s designed to stay where you place it with grippy urethane feet underneath its heavy cast aluminum and stainless steel housing, which is nearly burn-proof. Plug all your goods into the 

four 15-amp rated electrically grounded outlets that are also internally tamper resistant helping prevent shock (especially around kids), one of the only extension cords with this feature. 

The 14-gauge ultra-flex™ wire is rated to 15 amps.  14AWG wire is FT-2 flame test with good results.

The housing is finished with powder coat for durability and zero emissions during manufacturingNon-slip, 

non-marking urethane feet keep the Extō in place on a table, counter or other hard surface.

Oversize barrel plug is overmolded with rubber for easier grip.

The cord is permanently secured to the housing behind silicone or cork ornamental inlet covers+FT-2 Tested Cord+ 8-foot, 

14-gauge industrial cord impervious to oil and water+ 3-conductor cord rated to 15AMPs+ 3-brass-prong, large diameter rubber plug+ 

Cast-aluminum housing and stainless steel cover+ Quad tamper-resistant outlets are Made in the USA

Packaging is minimum 75% recyled cardboard with no plastic for reduced environmental impact

Every Extō is made in the USA with some imported components and is intended for use indoors with small appliances. 

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