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Cast Iron Swallowtail

$ 135

Interior  designer Nobuho Miya is known for his functional cast iron cookware as  well as this series of decorative animals sculptures. The iron bird  series reveal Scandinavian influences Miya absorbed while living in  Finland. Due to the bird's minimal yet evocative aesthetic, this piece  will be at home in any modern interior. Each cast iron bird rests on a  wooden block, and is finished with an urushi (Japanese lacquer) coat for  a rich black that is resistant to rust. 
The  lacquer coating may be uneven in parts to reveal a silver-brown patina  underneath.  This is part of its natural beauty.  The natural grain of  the wood base will also have variation.  
Nobuho  Miya has dedicated his life to the Japanese cast iron craft. His work  has been exhibited worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  NY. Miya's designs use original Nambu techniques and reflect tradition  and skill accrued through experience. It takes at least 15 years to  become a competent iron-maker and 40 years to achieve master craftsman  status. The work of Nobuho Miya reflects both his ability as a craftsman  and as an artist. Each piece is produced in the Kamasada iron casting  studio, a studio in Morioka City that has been operated by the same  family for three generations. 
2.5″x 7″ x 5″, weighs 2 lbs. 
• Nambu Tekki Cast Iron
• Wooden Base 

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