Boy Smells

Candle Survival Kit

$ 65

From  start to finish, your burning rituals will never be the same again.  You'll wonder how you lived without this sleek, yet highly  functional candle care tool set in the first place! Included in this beautifully branded pragmatic set

OVAL TRAYA handsome, minimalist tray to rest your tool set or candle upon. WICK TRIMMERThis scissor-like device will clip the ashy, excess wick bit, ensuring that your next candle experience will be a clean burn. SNUFFER — Snuffs out your flame. Simply lay the dome head over the flame for a few seconds. And voila. Extinguished flame. WICK DIPPER An  alternative to the snuffer, the dipper is a smoke-free method of  extinguishing your flame. Use the hook and gently submerge the wick into  the molten wax, then pull it back up. Flame free! Bonus — Is your wick  off-center? The dipper can also be used to adjust the placement of your  wick.  

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