Penguin Random House

Animal Kingdom

$ 40

Acclaimed photographer Randal Ford celebrates our fascination with and  love of animals through his engaging portraits of the animal kingdom. A  young male lion cub seems to sport a rebellious mohawk; a chimpanzee  adopts a pensive pose; a curious duckling cocks his head at the camera  lens and flaps his wings. The featured animals cover a wide range, from  birds such as the African crane, cockatoos, flamingos, and roosters, to  big cats such as tigers, cheetahs, and leopards, to Arabian horses,  bulls, and Longhorn sheep, among many others. Bird and animal lovers  will be drawn to the powerful and emotionally engaging images that seem  to reveal the individual character of the other animals that share the  Earth with us. Elegantly designed and packaged, this book will be the  perfect gift and addition to the home of any lover of animals or fine  photography. 

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