Keepsake Ceramic Canister Candle 8 oz

$ 37

The Keepsake Collection, is inspired by anything kept, or given as a token of friendship or affection. The ceramic vessel makes a great canister after your candle is finished burning.  Soy wax is perfect for a clean, even burn that is long-lasting, fragrant, and easy on the air. This wax combined with oessential oil based fragrances means the candles are vegan, too. 

8 oz burn time: 40 - 50 hours

Scent Notes

Amber Woods: Top (T): Cedarwood Mid (M): Bergamot, lime, bois de rose Bottm (B): Musk 

Fresh Cut Basil: T: Leaf green, orange, tomato, M: Lavender, jasmine, basil, B: Mixed berries 

Lemon Hibiscus: , T: Fresh, green tea, M: Rose, jasmine, lavender, B: Soft musk 

Tea Tree Rose: T: Tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, M: Fresh lemon, bergamot, B: Bois de rose, lavender, jasmine 

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