Conway Electric

6' Exto Surge USB-C, ACDC

$ 225

The First Modern Surge-Protected Smart-Chip USB, 15AMP Resettable Fuse, Tamper-Resistant Power Strip for all of your devices You can't prevent a surge, but you can protect yourself against one. We designed and manufactured this product to replace ugly  surge-protective power strips. Our intention was to create a striking  monumental dedication to electricity in a daring form factor. A power  strip you can display proudly instead of hiding timidly, with all of the  features you need to power everything in a room. You can even turn it  all off with the flick of a switch. Overview The Extō Surge 720 Smart Chip USB is a multi-functional surge-protected power supply designed for your home. The Extō  Surge can handle up to 8 devices. Includes 6 tamper resistant 120V  outlets for standard power plugs and 2 Smart Chip USB ports for portable  electronics. The outlets are controlled by a 15AMP chrome industrial  on/off switch with a green LED indicator light on the first power bank  displaying on/off and surge-enabled status. The unit is backed up with a  recessed, resettable 15AMP fuse for overcurrent protection - preventing  current in excess of 15AMPs.  

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