Gloria Prins and Elena Alonzo are sisters that have been part of the fabric of  our city since they both owned shops in Old Pasadena in the 90's. Truly part of the early retail surge on Colorado Blvd., their shops were Dusk (for women) and Dusk Men. They brought the relaxed, West Coast vibe to our city and pioneered the way for future fashion boutiques to thrive in the area. The Homage connection goes back to Jill's days of Wasabi Jewelry when Gloria carried it in the women's store! What a full circle it is to be working with her again!

Fast forward to 2009 and the opening of the Belle's Nest brick and mortar in Sierra Madre, CA. This neighborhood gift shop carried an eclectic, curated mix of handmade goods that reflect the taste of these two artistic beings. If you were lucky enough to shop there before the doors closed in 2019, you probably have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry from Gloria or another local artist!

A quiet corner of the Belle's Nest Shop

Now, with a focus on her wholesale line, Gloria is known for the delicate and rustic sterling silver jewelry that she makes by hand in her one-woman studio as well as her wide assortment of items made from Kantha fabrics, many of which you have seen here at Homage!       


Elena, has always loved textiles, too, but has an eye for creating small ceramic vessels that are organic and simple but loaded with personality.  Our favorites include the hanging succulents pots which have been absent for quite some time.


We are excited to bring them back!Please join us on Saturday, February 12th from 11 to 3 pm to support these two incredibly talented female artists and good friends of Homage!