Ghost Academy cards are printed using the centuries old technique of block printing. Each card begins life as an original illustration painstakingly carved into a hard block of linoleum. The carvings are then hand inked and relief printed one by one in their sunny California studio. Block printed cards have saturated colors and a fun texture since the ink sits right on top of the card. Each print is unique, so yours will have slight variations from the picture.

All cards are 4.25 by 5.5 and blank on the inside. they come with a coordinating envelope. The colored paper is recycled, and all paper is made in the US using sustainable energy.


is the illustrator behind most of the cards. she grew up thinking she wanting to be an illustrator of childrens' books and never lost her love for the childlike wonder of simple, silly, and lovely illustrations. she loves strong minimal lines and daydreaming about how funny the little creatures she draws would look if they actually tried to move through a three dimensional world. her influences include sanrio, quentin blake, gfunk, etc etc.


started out as ghost academy's biggest fan and supporter back when we were a one-megan operation, and he eventually left his day job to head up our production department. he's a lean mean block printing machine but easily distracted by the internet, the cats, and what record he's going to put on next in the studio.