Our first collection of vintage will start posting to our new page at noon and be available for purchase via DM immediately.

Some of them will also be available in store on a rotating basis.

After two days, they will be added to the website and can be purchased there. 


 Most vintage ends up being one-of-a-kind. When you shop at an estate sale, thrift store, or flea market, part of the thrill is finding that unusial item and staking your claim to it before someone else comes along! We thought it would be fun to recreate the excitement and have fun with it.

Each week, we will post a new collection of items to the page and what doesn't sell will be put on the website.


Some of the items will be up for auction. We want to make a lot of small donations to different organizations so half of the selling price for those items will go to a designated charity. All details will be posted in the description and marked with a  yellow emoji star. These items will only be available on the instagram page! 

If any of this sounds confusing, just go with the flow! That has been part of our motto these days and tends to NOT be anxiety inducing. Just follow us and have a good time! 




Curating vintage and pre-owned items and peppering the store with her found treasures is one of Jill's true delights. "My taste in vintage changes and runs the gamut! It is so difficult to pass on something that I truly love, just because there is limited space in the shop. We have seen how effective our online presence can be so we have added an instagram page and website collection to showcase all of the fun things that I find!" 

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