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Air Boheme Cloud Mist - Body & Room Spray

$ 19.60 $ 28

 A beautiful milky white misty spray that is multi purpose. Fragrance a room, your yoga mat, linens, body and hair.  We love to layer our Crystal Ritual Oil and Cloud Mist together. Which is a bananas good gift idea BTW. Our signature scents are blended with a food grade emulsifier and distilled water. Just 3 ingredients that you can pronounce. Treat yourself. Since this fragrance has Palo Santo oil in it an ideal use could be a smudging spray when you don’t have time to light sage or a stick. Maybe you’re a new mom and don’t want smoke in the house- we have a beautiful alternative for you to keep the good vibes and energy flowing in your home.

AIRE BOHEME FRAGRANCE: Sacred and sensual. Our Palo Santo ‘holy wood’ has soft elusive notes that interlace with Hojari resin and Cypress. Layered with the minerality of nourishing Himalayan Sea Salt.. A perfectly balanced scent for men or women. *NOTE we add a touch of Vanilla to this fragrance in the Oil and Cloud Mist.

  • 4 oz
  • 5.5” H x 2” D

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