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Yayoi Kusama: Every Day I Pray For Love

$ 45

In her most personal book to date, Yayoi Kusama brings us into her  private world through poetic recollections, giving insight into her  creative process and the essential role language plays in her paintings,  sculptures, and daily life.

With a new focus on Yayoi  Kusama’s use of language, this book features an impressive overview of  her poetry, which the artist creates alongside her work in other  mediums. Highlighting the importance of words to the artist, the book  draws special attention to the captivating, poetic titles of her  paintings, such as in I WOULD LIKE TO SHOW YOU THE INFINITE SPLENDOR OF STARDUST IN THE UNIVERSE and FIGURE OF THE MIDNIGHT DARKNESS OF THE UNIVERSE THAT I DEDICATED ALL MY HEART.  These visionary titles are a quintessential part of Kusama’s  eye-catching artworks, but also hold their own as unique aphorisms and  appealing statements of cosmic spirituality. The poetry also collected  here touches on Kusama’s personal trials, her human ideals, and her  heroic pursuit of art above all else. 

Centered around EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR LOVE,  Kusama’s acclaimed exhibition at David Zwirner, New York, in 2019, the  book features more than 300 pages of new paintings, sculptures, and Infinity Mirror Rooms. It also includes photographs of Kusama over time, offering a unique visual timeline of this iconic artist. 

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