Marley & Alfie

Marley&Alfie was named after the founder’s two puppies. She wanted to name the company after something she loved and what better fit than her two puppies.

Marley&Alfie began with a worn horseshoe that was found in an estate sale in 2013. Always having a love for horses, she brought the talisman into her home. Being in the beginning stages of redecorating her space, she decided to brighten up the horseshoe with some color.

From that point on, color became a crucial part of her life as she realized it has a huge impact on mood and wanted to bring that joy into other’s spaces by creating the signature lucky yarned horseshoes inspired by different cities and countries.

Color definitely has an impact on how they make you feel. Brights, muted colors, neutrals. Their vibrance brings back memories from different travels, different textiles. I love…Texture and shape play a part but I'm all about color.

Each piece is handmade and designed in Los Angeles with the utmost love, care and attention to detail; and, as always, infused with plenty of good luck and charm for any space.




Marley loves long walks, the beach and going to shows with Cindy to ensure maximum pets from all the sweet customers!



Cindy has always loved crafting and making things with her hands as long as she can remember. Whether it was drawing in art class, building legos with her siblings, baking cupcakes, beading bracelets or looping lanyards. She always found herself keeping her hands busy making food or art. Beyond the crafting and love for making things with her hands is her love for color. Being a big believer that color can bring joy into spaces, she made it her mission to bring color whether it be bright or muted into other people’s spaces to brighten up their day.

When Cindy isn’t creating new designs, you can find her out with her friends eating Chinese food and street churros.